The concept of cheating might not be as simple as many of us might think. If you are not so conversant with issues of relationship, there are lots of things that are abnormal, which you might witness in a relationship, but because you are not grounded in the terms and intricacies of relationship and how it works, you might not consider them as cheating, while in actual sense they are cheating. There are different types of cheating, but the two most predominant are emotional cheating and physical cheating, and we are going to be looking into the one that is of more consequence than the other. But before we go into the main topic, we are going to look on this affair guide into the different types of cheating and the ways you can cheat on someone.

Types of Cheating

Physical cheating as we all know is the cheating that involves any physical involvement with a person who is not your significant other. This will involve smooching, kissing, caressing, and eventually having any type of sexual gratification of any form with another person other than your partner. Anything that gives sexual pleasure, which you engage in with another person other than your partner, might be considered physical cheating. In terms of financial cheating, it involves any type of lies and acts of infidelity and untruthfulness when it comes to the financial dealings between the two partners. It might involve such things as not revealing your true earnings, hiding some purchases, and not being truthful about your debts and other finances. In some societies, many people might not consider it as cheating, but in the UK and other developed nations, it is considered a clear cut form of cheating and marriage infidelity, though many people might not pay much attention to it. The next is the emotional cheating, and here it involves getting emotionally connected with another apart from your partner. There are situations where you allow yourself to grow some level of emotional intimacy with another, to the extent that you start letting that person know about your own emotions and feelings. These will lead to some emotional attachment that will involve exchange of deep and intimate information etc. This is another way you can cheat on someone.

emotional affair

Emotional attachment can be considered as an affair

Now, let us go into the proper topic of the article. Because of the level we have gone in trying to deemphasize the things of the physical and emphasize the superiority and relevance of the emotional and spiritual things, many people have openly said that whenever there is a case of emotional cheating, it signals something more grievous than physical cheating. Meanwhile, there are so many out there who see the physical aspect of physical cheating as being much more grievous than the emotional cheating, while majority even say that two of them are on the same pedestal and that there should be no ranking as it concerns the one that is worse and the one that is lesser.

Reasons why Emotional Cheating is Worse

For the proponents of emotional cheating being worse, they argue that when you cheat on someone emotionally, it signifies and act of betrayal. Here, it is believed that physical cheating might just be on you because of the urge and desire to have sex, even when you do not have any strings attached. But when it is emotional, it simply implies having another person’s secrets and emotional rights poured out to an undeserving other. This will also lead to the next reason which is because of the intimacy involved. You might argue that there is nothing to do with sex, but have you realized that marriage is not all about sex. It is simply about two people who love each other coming to live together and help each other. In fact for the Christians, it means the two of them becoming one, and because of this, it will involve all forms of intimacy. Your partner must be your friend, councilor, adviser and confidant, etc. Whenever you betray this confidence by confiding in another, it pains more than just sex. This is because in emotional relationship, there is serious intimacy. It involves a sort of meaningful emotional attachment, and whenever a man gives this attachment to another woman or a woman gives it to another man, the rightful partner is denied their own emotional intimacy, since the cheat cannot serve two masters at a time. It creates intimacy with the other person, and takes it away from the rightful owner.

physical affair

Physical affair

The worse part of this type of relationship is that the partner’s heart is given, and whenever there is an exchange of heart and mind, then there is love and serious love. When the love has been transferred to another, it is completely withdrawn from the rightful partner, because you can never love two at the same time. This is not the case in physical relationship which is something that might even occur in 30 minutes time, even without prior knowledge of the person you are doing it with. There is no love involved here. Another thing is that the emotional cheating takes time to build. It takes several stages and months before you can get attached to a person emotionally. What it means is that when the process was going on, the person has the chance to come to his or her senses, but completely refused to do so. This signals an unrepentant partner and will cause more heartbreak. Again, since it takes time to build, before you can severe it, you will even need more time. All these make it something you will not like to engage in, it is worse.

broken marriage

Affairs can break your marriage

Again, it jeopardizes the safety of both the cheating partner and the other. This is because due to the intimacy, some things about the relationship and even some secrets about the couples would have been divulged to the other partner. This keeps the two of them at risk if the affair partner decides to be wicked. Another thing is that it involves serious connection between the two. If your partner is involved in emotional cheating and you find out, there is the likelihood that if you break up with your partner, he or she will immediately end up with the affair partner, because they are connected. But it is not so in physical cheating. Many people who see physical cheating as being more grievous say that this is because it is the one you can imagine and envision, and it will always hurt you when you do this. For them it also involves the body which is the first thing we loved about the person, before the heart. They also believe that physical cheating either starts with emotional cheating or ends up with it. But the truth is that emotional is worse than physical cheating.

If you are someone who hasn’t ever heard of hooking up that would make you a virgin. Whether you are a real virgin or not, if you haven’t tried hooking up before, it is a whole new way to have sex. Sure, the physical part is the same, but the excitement is out of control cool. If you have ever had a one night stand, this trumps it by a thousand. The thrill of the chase that can end in getting a girl to go home with you is nothing compared to the high of having girl after girl meet you out for sex. With traditional dating you get to have a one night stand maybe every other month. With hookup dating online you can have sex with a new girl every night. You may think that I am being obnoxious, but it is true. If you know how to hookup online, it is possible to get all the sex you want anytime you want.

the hooking up

This is hooking up for the new age

What is the best way to hookup online?

The best way to get laid online is to use one of the many hookup online sites. The problem is with so many to choose from it is difficult to know which ones are real and which ones will really get you into trouble. There are real sites, but there are also scam sites. They are sometimes hard to tell apart. If you want to make sure to choose the right site online that will lead you to finding out how to hookup online, then you should follow the next rules for online dating.

1. Know what type of girl you are looking for

There are going to be hundreds of different types of women online. There are going to be those who are there for attention, those who are there for revenge and then those who are there just because they really, really like sex. The key to finding the right site to satisfy your needs is to find out which type of girl you are looking for. If you want a for sure thing and don’t really care about what she looks like, or her mental state, then any site will do. If you are looking for someone that you can meet up with again and again, then you are going to want to find someone who is a little more stable. That is going to take some trial and error. Choosing the type of girl first and then finding a site that has a specific niche second is going to yield the best results.

2. Know what attracts someone to hookup dating

If you want her to answer you back you have to know what to say to her. There are going to be some contact emails that will get no response at all, and then there are going to be those that get a response every time. Make sure to use that email that captures her attention and makes her want to give you a chance. You can do that by using an email that is complimentary and nice, yet not too overpowering, or just plain aggressive. Using phrases that show the nice guy in you and that you think she is something special are the best types to get her to engage and even answer you back. They key to how to hookup online is getting the initial answer. If you can’t ever get to the initial conversation, it isn’t ever going to happen for you.

what type of girl

Define what type of girl you are looking for

3. Be careful of scammers

There are a lot of scams that go on online. There are those that are pretty clique, like someone asking you to send money and then there are those that are new and creative. Being able to spot someone who is in it for the wrong reasons is about using common sense. If a girl who wouldn’t give you the time of day in real life is blowing up your email over and over, it isn’t because you round a really hot picture of yourself. Chances are good that she is trying to take advantage of you or that she doesn’t really exist at all. It is tempting to bite into the forbidden fruit, but if something doesn’t seem on the up and up, it most likely is not. Proceed with caution whenever you talk with anyone online that goes for online dating as well.

4. Use a good pictureObviously the only thing that is going to initially attract her is going to be your physical look. If you want to get to the point where she will meet you out, you have to use a picture that not only looks like you but also has you looking your best. Go digging into your Facebook page, or have someone take a picture of you with your good side showing. The only thing that she has to go by to hookup with you online is the way that you look in your profile picture. Be honest, but put your best face forward.

5. Use more than one site

If you want to increase the likelihood that you are going to score be on more than one site at a time. The more sites you are on, the more likely you are going to find someone who finds you attractive. If you only put yourself on one hookup site and it isn’t the right niche site for you, you are going to spend money not meeting up with anyone. If you find that you are having more success on one site versus another, drop the one that you aren’t scoring on and replace it. It is always best to increase your odds by being on many sites at once.

attraction and looks

Attraction and looks are always going to be most important

6. Just have fun

If you go into it with a “must” type of attitude you are going to come across as creepy and tense. If you go into it with a maybe attitude and are alright if it takes a while, then you are going to be happy with the results. Just take it light and don’t take it, or yourself, too seriously.

There is nothing that can hurt worse than being tricked, besides being tricked when looking for love. When you are looking for someone to love, you put yourself into a very vulnerable position. That means that when you get hurt, it hurts much more. Dating websites are a great idea, but you have to be careful. When you meet someone in a bar you know who you are dealing with. When you meet someone online, you have no idea who is on the other end of the keyboard. Finding love, don’t throw caution to the wind, or you can be out much more than just your pride. There are many romance scams that cannot only hurt you emotionally, they can hurt you financially as well.

the online romance

Online romance can be fun, but it can also be dangerous

Daytime television is full of talk shows discussing how lonely people are being taken advantage of, losing hundreds on romance scams. When you watch those shows you feel sorry for the people and think, “That will never happen to me”. No one ever thinks that they are going to be the object of a scam. That is why it is a scam. The people that take advantage of others are very good at what they do. Like any profession, professional scam artists work very hard to separate people from their money. Playing at their heart strings, and using the need that people have to connect, they are able to work their way into someone’s heart and their wallet effectively. If you want to ensure that you aren’t a victim of a romance scam there are ten things that you should always do.

1. Trust but verify

If someone is trying to contact you, of course you want to give them a chance. Sometimes you have to have faith that someone is who they say they are, but if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Don’t always take people at their word. There is a reason why you get those uneasy feelings sometimes, it is your mind’s way of scrutinizing what sounds real and what does not. Go with your heart, but listen to your head. It is always best to trust, but to follow it up by verifying.

unlock the heart

We all want to find love but not at the sacrifice of our personal safety

2. Find a site that has security

If you are going to be on a dating website and want to avoid romance scams, stick with those sites that have security like If you choose a site that requires a credit card for verification you are more likely to cut back on scams. When someone has to verify that they are who they say they are you are less likely to be taken advantage of.

3. Use a site that has video chat

If you want to ensure that who you are talking to is really who they say they are, then finding a site that has video capability is the best way to go. The technology is not only available, it is simple. If you are talking with someone who doesn’t want to reveal themselves that is a red flag. Before you continue communicating with someone you should talk to them face to face. If they hesitate that is one way of knowing that you may be dealing with a romance scam.

heart in heand

There are many reasons to talk face to face, security is number one

4. Don’t ever give out personal information

If someone wants to date you they don’t need to know where you live and they definitely don’t need to know about any of your financial information. There is never a good reason to give out personal or financial information about yourself. If someone is asking you questions that make you uncomfortable it is best to stop giving them any information at all. If they begin to talk about their own financial problems, that is a red flag as well. Not only is it likely they are going to ask you for help, but why would you want to get tangled up with someone who has money troubles? There are hundreds of fish in the sea, don’t find one that has problems out the gate.

5. Never send money to anyone

It makes no difference why they are asking for money, if you don’t want to be the victim of a romance scam then make sure that you don’t ever send money online. If you are being asked for money for travel, or to further their membership online, that is probably just the first step to separating you from your money. If someone is asking you to send them money make sure to cut communication with them. Most likely, almost most assuredly, they are not in it for love. They are in it for income which is something that you don’t want to get into even if it isn’t a scam.Making good choices when it comes to love is no different from making other choices in your life. If you follow the same rules of caution when you are dating sites then you can cut back on the potential that you will be the victim of romance scams.

The trend of having a home theatre sound bar in your home is now rising. With the availability of a wide range of sound systems, audiophiles would surely have a headache picking the best one. If you’re planning to get home theatre sound bars, be warned; for these will cost you a lot of money. However, with the broad array of brands and units now available, finding affordable sound bars is now very possible. Here are some of the best home theatre sound bars for your budget.

All-In-One Sound Bar worth Every Penny

Sony HT-CT260 is a very affordable and feature-packed sound bar with very professional sound quality. For the price of $300, this badass sound bar has a subwoofer, Bluetooth and a wireless module. It also has a wireless module that enables users to put it in almost any corner of the room, and it would still sync perfectly. With the Bluetooth technology, you can stream your music from your gadget to the sound bar, eliminating the need for a cable. With this price, having all these features with an excellent sounding system will make you wonder how Sony can even make money out of their products.

VIZIO SB4021M-B1 40-Inch 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

VIZIO SB4021M-B1 40-Inch 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Low Budget, High Quality Sound Bar

If you’re looking for a lower-priced sound bar with excellent sound quality, then let the Panasonic SC-HTB70 surprise you. Roughly about $180, this sound bar delivers rocking sounds that turns a dull HDTV into your very own home theatre. It is also built to work facing forward on its own, or by mounting it on the wall. It also has integrated Bluetooth connectivity making it a solid contender to high-priced sound bars. The design is very slick as well and would impress visitors as it adds more grace and elegance to any kind of room.

Bigger Sound Bars, Bigger Movie Experience

If you have a big-ass, 60-inch HDTV, with no sound bar to boot, then the perfect yet affordable sound bar for you would be the Sharp HT-SB60. This sound bar home theatre system was built for very large HDTV’s, since most of today’s sound bars were designed to accommodate only average HDTV sizes. The problem with smaller sound bars is that it doesn’t reproduce an authentic feeling for a big screen TV. The Sharp HT-SB60 does the job with an excellent midrange and bass, as it produces sound quality that surrounds the whole room.

8 best soundbar speakers for your HD TV

8 best soundbar speakers for your HD TV

Since most of today’s screens are flat, it is almost always imperative to get yourself a sound bar to enhance fully your viewing experience. Once you have a sound bar installed in your home, you’ll never look and experience home viewing the same way again.

If you refrain from arguments,

If you are quick to say sorry,

If you ignore the little mistakes your spouse makes,

If you do not question too much,

If you give space.

You surely know this yourself that you are the better spouse of the two of you as you are really looking at the bigger picture rather than constantly picking on the present and losing out on time and love that you could give each other.

Five Ways To Tell You’re A Good Spouse

Five Ways To Tell You’re A Good Spouse

But it takes more than that for you to be a good spouse. It takes two. And it takes the love between you two to work like the glue that sticks you together.

1. You enjoy spending time with your spouse

The most important criteria of every relationship is that you spend quality time with each other. If you still continue to spend time like you before you were married, called just as much as you did earlier and are keeping the conversation lines open you are in a good place.

2. You enjoy the conversations

If you are spending time with your spouse, guess is that you are enjoying the conversations that you are having. Whether it is about your day at work, the book you just read or plain gossip it’s all good as long as you are talking.

101 Ways To Tell Your Husband, "I Love You"

101 Ways To Tell Your Husband, “I Love You”

3. You have a relationship with each other that goes beyond just your bedroom

Husband & wife must most definitely enjoy their time outside the bedroom as much as they do inside. This would mean that you are still attracted to each other physically as well as connected deeper than that in a more emotional, spiritual way. Every relationship that goes beyond the physical is a relationship that is doing well and a relationship that connects deeper – which would mean that you are in a good place.

4. You say, “I love you” all the time.

Saying, “I love you”, is not just words void of emotion but goes much beyond that. It involves your action, your time along with your emotions. If you are constantly thinking of your spouse through everything that you do, your love seems to be exactly the same as it was when you were dating, you keep wanting to go back home to spend more time, and keeping looking for a bit of free time to make those quick phone calls – all of these lead you to confess your love every chance you get.

You say it every time you leave home; hang up the phone or just like that when you feel like it.

5. You see this last for eternity

You knew when you married your spouse that all of your lifetime and eternity would not be enough to get to know them and enjoy their company. But you’d also heard that this excitement dies out after marriage. The truth is that you feel like the fire in your relationship is burning warmer and brighter every day. You can see this last forever and beyond life and with every stage that your relationship reaches – from marriage to kids to grandkids and beyond.

If you are in this place, feeling all of these things – you can know that you are a good spouse, in the right place in your relationship and heading in the right direction with your marriage that will most definitely last a lifetime and beyond telling a story that will be a ‘Happily Ever After.’

The first foodstuff that most of us associate Calcium with is milk. This is true because milk is said to be one of the foodstuffs that contain higher quantities of Calcium. Calcium has a lot of benefits in the body and cannot be ignored when it comes to eating a balanced diet. For those people that have chosen to become vegans for one reason or the other, there is a solution for them in terms of Calcium intake.

Calcium is one of the many chemical elements that make up the periodic table, but it has found its way in the Biology scene as well. It is the compound that is responsible for the build up of the bone and tooth structure in vertebrates. This means that your bones require sustainable Calcium to stay strong. In the diet world, Calcium can be found in plants and animal products as well. According to scientific studies, over ninety percent of Calcium intake goes directly to bones and teeth for reinforcement and storage.

Top 5 Low Cost Foods To Strengthen Bones

Top 5 Low Cost Foods To Strengthen Bones

The amount calcium required by your body must be supplemented, otherwise there are serious health issues related to its deficiency. Blood calcium levels are controlled by the body, which is something that is regulated by all means. “By all means” means that when blood calcium levels drop, the stored calcium in your bones is used instead, which technically means that the strength of your bones is going to decline.

Canned fish

You can get a good supply of Calcium in your body by taking canned fish. Precooked fish is highly recommended for calcium intake by nutritionists across the globe. The reason for this is the fact that its bones, which provide the highest levels of Calcium are soft and easy to consume. Not only does caned fish give you calcium, it also supplies your body with good protein.

5 Calcium-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

5 Calcium-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

Milk products

Milk is a good source of proteins and as children grow up, they constantly get to hear milk being associated with strong bones. Some of the animals that can provide good Calcium from their milk include Cows, Goats and Camels.


Being vegetarian does not mean the beginning of deficiencies. Tofu or soybean curd, is a type of food that is made by curdling hot soy milk with calcium sulfate. The calcium in the sulfate is the reason you get to unseal your deficiency fate. Tofu, just like fish is also a good source of protein so you get to score twice.

Other calcium sources

Other products that can give you rich calcium include cheese. Cheese is made from milk, which automatically addresses the need for its uptake in your diet. Whether you prefer soft cheese, hard cheese, or processed cheese, you are sure to get your calcium levels boosted. For those people who are allergic to certain foodstuffs, maybe it’s much wiser to use a calcium supplement instead. These supplements are affordable and widely available in the market, hence you can be in a position to level up your calcium intake.

Summer is here, and Wall Street gurus have always advised everybody to sell their stocks come May. This is due to a number of things, but the main reason is that the period between May and October is a very volatile period because of its seasonal decline. While this may hold true, this shouldn’t stop you from becoming the investor you ought to be. Here the top 5 stocks to invest in this summer.

Office Supplies at its Finest

3M is a very big company with a promising future ahead of them. This multinational conglomerate is poised to increase every year, with a steady growth rate due to its very wide and multifaceted product line. Other things that contribute to its growth are the auto industry where it is benefiting from improving auto production, and; the electronics division, where the demands for semiconductors are increasing.

Best Stocks to Buy Now

Best Stocks to Buy Now

The Largest Mortgage Company in America

There’s no doubt that a lot of people would be buying from industry giant Fidelity National Financial. The nation’s largest provider of residential and commercial mortgage, Fidelity National Financial leads the mortgage title insurance sector today and is slated to do so in a couple of years more. Recently, there has been a rise in the business activity of mortgage applications nationwide.

The Rising Demand for Cloud Storage

For the first time in 2012, Net App—formerly Network Appliance Inc—has reached the Fortune 500 list for the very first time. It’s a no-brainer however, since NetApp has frequently been awarded as one of the best companies to work for. With that being said, NetApp is seen to have rising revenue marks on higher-margin clustered products. It is also seen to have amazing trends on the growth of cloud services.

Top five midcap stocks which have doubled investments in 2012

Top five midcap stocks which have doubled investments in 2012

One of the Industries Leaders

Because of the rise of the improving conditions in auto production, Johnson Controls is a contender for being a top investor this summer. This Fortune 500 multinational conglomerate has also been rumored to have extended hours the whole summer, working on high demands on greater building efficiency. There has also been a sharp rise in architectural billings which indicates a very good forecast for Johnson Controls.

The Largest Car Rental Company

Hertz Global Holdings was seen recent trends on outsourcing, as well as improved re-sales of their car rentals. Proved to be the world’s largest and most popular rental car company, it is continually rising as the demand for travel around the world has increased exponentially. It is also predicted that their core profits and revenue are expected to rise within the remainder of the year as much as 12%

With all these going on, it is hard to choose what stocks to invest in this summer. Keep in mind though, that with prior research and analysis of trends in the market, you’ll be better off buying stocks from these trusted companies.

With the economic recession still at bay, outsourcing and downsizing are common phenomena. To keep your firm from collapsing, the remaining employees must function at their maximum best. Thing is, how to do this without the compensation of a salary increase? Increasing their payroll will not do good at the overall operational costs of the company, thus doing so will force the executives to layoff even more workers. The secret is to keep your employees motivated despite the evident crisis, and it must be consistently high.

Improve Channels of Communication

It is uncommon for the top level management to be in close contact with employees in the bottom line level. The disparity between executive in the higher ranks and average Joes and Janes in the workforce does not do any good in convincing them to do their best and stay with the company. Communicating with them several times a week makes them feel more valued, thus enhancing their feelings of motivation further more.

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated Without Breaking the Bank

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated Without Breaking the Bank

Start a Non-Uniform Day

This seems off but instituting a casual dress day is actually effective in motivating employees. How come? When employees fell into a routine of wearing company uniforms in the morning and performing their daily tasks before the day ends, they tend to slack off in their performance. Pick a day that you allow them to come to the office in their proper casual, non-revealing clothes. Let them a day loose out of their uniforms and you will see a new spark of motivation shining through their desks and cubicles because they get to express their individuality and feel that they are truly valued for who they are than what job they have.

Recognize Their Efforts

The best and most effective method of keeping your employees motivated is to consistently recognize their efforts. For instance, all workers in the Human Resource department have been consistent in coming to the office without absences and tardy in the past month. Recognize their amazing record and this will motivate other department to do the same.

Guest Post: The 5 Best Ways To Get Your Employees To Compete

Guest Post: The 5 Best Ways To Get Your Employees To Compete

Maintain Respect Even When They Commit Mistakes

Employees are not perfect creatures; even executives at the top level commit a faux pas. The goal is to motivate employees, but it does not mean that you keep mum if they commit blunders; when they do, talk and reprimand them in a polite and private manner. This shows that you still respect your employees even if they in the spotlight of shame. Acknowledge that their errors and correct it accordingly without hurling insults and crashing their self-esteem.

Institute Team Building Activities

Team building activities foster camaraderie among employees, strengthening working and personal relationships among them. It does not need to be grand. A simple bowling after working hours does give a boost to their motivation level. It’s also a nice way to keep the good vibes going.

Motivated employees are likely to perform better and stay longer in the company. Training new recruits cost more than keeping your current employees happy and motivated, so do your best to keep the atmosphere in your company goal-oriented.